People Don’t Change; Seasons Do.

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Declares,”YOU are the most fascinating person you will get to know!”

When you got up this morning, at some time during that period, you looked in the mirror. But, did it dawn on you that the person who stared you back in the face was not the same person as the one who looked at yesterday? The season changed while you were sleeping and you may not even be aware of it.

Do you really know who you are looking at? Do you care? Does it matter to you that you will spend every waking and sleeping hour with this person, whoever it is, sharing your deepest most profound thoughts, ideas and convictions? Instead of merely glancing at the reflection you have grown so accustomed to, take time to observe the facial expressions revealing inner motivations of latent content.

A spider web with dew on it's back.

More importantly, get to know this person who has consumed your mind. This mysterious fathomless person demonstrates enormous fortitude, determination, strength of will and irresolute character. Infectious humor is buried just waiting to be examined for the reality of your most passionate dreams.

What is important to you today will be important to you always. The problem is: you don’t KNOW what is really important to you. WHY? Because, you won’t stay still long enough to study the most important subject in the world: YOU!If you are too busy to care; you are way too busy. Nothing is more important than getting to know the real you.

You’ve never considered how very important you are and how necessary it is to observe yourself. Sure, you know what your favorite color is, food to eat, car to drive, clothes to wear, people you THINK you like to be around but other than those superficial niceties, that’s about it.

Stop. this minute. Look directly in the mirror and ask that other human being: “Who are you? What are you doing deep down inside of me? Do I give you enough expression? Do I ignore, blame or criticize you too much? Do I diminish your most vital needs and artistic pleasures? What do you want; I mean, really want?”

It’s probably never even dawned on you that YOU are the most important subject there is and without getting to the source of you, nothing else matters.

There are so many layers to you that you have never explored. Dare I say: never even ventured into? Now IS the the time to enter into those parts of yourself with full confidence. It doesn’t matter that you may be somewhat Leary of what you may discover. Until you fling back the door, you will be prevented from truly expressing the REAL you.