MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Our Philosophy, Beliefs, and Commitment to Building Connections

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A Majestic Method of Release, Recognition, and Acceptance.

Have you found yourself searching for months or even years for that missing link? Maybe you’ve been suffering, or maybe you just feel incomplete. With MODE of Cosmic Therapy, you can shake loose that fake self that you’ve developed and embrace your true self and your promise of success. MODE of Cosmic Therapy points you toward a life of eternal happiness so that you no longer feel isolated or hopeless. Book your cosmic therapy session today.

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Why Choose MODE of Cosmic Therapy?

  • Embrace your true self
  • Find the path to freedom and eternal happiness
  • Become a master of divine essence
  • Move past emptiness and restlessness
  • Find the release you so desperately need

What is MODE of Cosmic Therapy

There was a space in time when you did not exist as the human form you have become so familiar with. You were not yet named, claimed as belonging to a set of parents and expected to grow into a functioning person on Earth who would contribute something of worthwhile value in your designated place while set apart to live among other mortals.

You seemingly arrived here without a clue as to why, where, when, how, or for what possible reason for doing so. You don’t remember your apparent entrance nor any of the events that took place during the brief span of time after having arrived. It was a time of blank innocence. No other joy can compare with the sheer liberating joyousness (weightlessness) felt. You had brought your celestial identity as home with you and were not yet aware that you would be indoctrinated with ideas, beliefs, doctrines, traditions, feelings, notions, patterns, habits, thoughts, personalities, characters, and opinions that did NOT belong to you.

It did not take long to mold, make and fashion (re-design) you into a perfect mal-functioning copy of what a human being is supposed to be. Along with the biological DNA implanted and the daily hours of repetitious environmental and sociological conditioning, you were ready to face the world. Afraid, disillusioned, disoriented, disappointed and alone. However, a deep oceanic yearning search had begun in you to FIND that place you lost.

Though you could not definitively describe what it was you were looking for you KNEW dissatisfaction, boredom and unrest filled your days and without that re-connection, you would forever be unhappy.

No matter how hard you tried and how long you persisted in your search for that “missing” link, it evermore plagued and eluded you. Not family, friends, education, sex, money, position, marriage, lovers, career, riches, fame, fortune, and yes, even spirituality. You had been abruptly cast from the garden of ‘rapture’s repose’ of irrefutable peace and didn’t know why.

Due to your insufferable personal journey on earth, you developed a MODE of existence. That MODE was based upon self-preservation. You needed and wanted to SURVIVE above all else. So, whatever it took, however bizarre it seemed, you attached yourself to it as the only life-raft until you found THAT puzzling hidden RELEASE you so desperately needed without knowing what is was.

Herein steps MODE of Cosmic Therapy. A majestic appealing practical applicable method of release, recognition, embracing and acceptance into the doorway of your ONE True SELF that comes about by/through walking through your SELF to your SELF. To do what? To shake loose that fake self you have assumed as your own who has brought you nothing but perplexing unhappiness, unresolved relationships, broken love affairs, dead end projects, unfulfilled ventures and more empty restless discontented days-even, with the promise (midst) of SUCCESS!

The method is not new or radical. It has existed long before you were born and will exist long after you exit the earth plane. It was here all along. Right before your eyes. YOU are what you are seeking for! But, NOT the personal self you call me. There is only ONE SELF that exists in all; in everything. It’s everywhere!

We are all MASTERS of DIVINE ESSENCE who have simply forgotten our ethereal sublime celestial galactic heritage. How can you know this is true? Just inquire. WHO are you? Who are YOU, really? Through THIS undeniably shattering liberating exploration you will remember how to forget and drop the imposter who has robbed you of your one true desire: HAPPINESS! Truth Stands While the Rest falls away.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy offers ways and means to point the way to the HOME of eternal HAPPINESS for you. Honestly. Truly. Simply. No longer do you have to wander in a strange land feeling isolated, abandoned, rejected, cast out, lost, hopeless, confused and forsaken. YOU can be free! How do I know? Because you already are. Just remember upon embarking on this MODE of Cosmic Therapy journey: ”YOU can’t take YOU where YOU are going!” And, you will be so thrilled to experience it.