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Why We Laugh Inappropriately…

lake with large trees

Oh, how we hate to move from our positions. No matter the intricately noxious weaving and inter-locking difficulties involved to keep our doomed boat afloat, we will go to great lengths to preserve an illusion; most especially, a cherished one. One that reeks of putrid sourness for miles on land, light years on sea, we…

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Walking Through Your Dreams Consciously!

Dreams a Portal Into Our Reality

Life spins on its axis much too fast to form an accurate opinion but not fast enough for you to interpret logically. The life you ‘think’ you are living exists in a realm of unimaginable chaos before you are capable of determining what you decide it means. Although you invest quite a bit of time,…

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PLUTO: A Destructively Vital Harbinger of Trans formative Light

closeup of tattoo looking up

I enjoy the subject of astrology and most especially the MODE Cosmic Therapy humanistic, psycho-analytic delving into the intricacies involved. I enjoy it, not only because it entertains and educates, but because I thoroughly love dissecting interlocking various mathematical patterns and geometric relationships. Yes, angular patterns. Everything that exists occurs because of the various different…

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People Don’t Change; Seasons Do.

post-it note with pain is fuel written on it

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Declares,”YOU are the most fascinating person you will get to know!” When you got up this morning, at some time during that period, you looked in the mirror. But, did it dawn on you that the person who stared you back in the face was not the same person as the…

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